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AjMt Spudshot
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Low powered muzzle load rifle

The PC1 is a home made paintball type gun. We used a crappy bike pump that broke after about 2 hours of usage then desided to use an air compresser. I would not reccoment exceeding 80psi with this model because the tire valve used is only rated at 60. We managed to safely pump it to 100psi but the pump was hard to push down. Below is a list of parts we used.

From Menards: (all PVC is sch40)
1/2"x5' PVC
3/4"x5' PVC
1"x5' PVC
1/2" sch40 ball valve (slip style, not threaded)
1" PVC cap (again slip style, not threaded)
1/2"x3/4" bushing

You should also get:
1"x1/2" bushing (make sure both ends are slip)
1" coupling
3/4" coupling

We didnt get these because we did not know we would get them. the guns below dont show this method. I am not even going to talk about how we made the ones pictured below because they were so dangerous. (Mark's exploded)

If you dont have a bike tire pump then you can get a crappy one for $5 here too. It should work if your very careful with it unlike us. The frame on ours bent fairly easily. It was very handy for it to have a built in pressure gauge.

From ACE hardware: (this place really is the helpful place)
Tubeless tire valve, just ask them about it they should have it.

You will also need epoxy and purple PVC primer.

The construction is pretty simple, we could have made another trip to the hardware store to get some parts we didnt know we would need but we managed to get by with this.

The barrel is made of 3/4" PVC cut to 18" in length. The pressure chamber is made from 1" PVC, ours is 18" long which seemed to give pretty desirable results. You could make any of these parts longer if you felt necessary, but dont make the pressure chamber shorter or you risk not having enough air to push the ammunition out of the barrel. The small pieces of 1/2" PVC are about 3" in length, we didnt measure them. For the valve on the end of the pressure chamber we used epoxy to hold it inside the 5/8" hole.


This is the pump we used. It was not too sturdy so if you do use this type be careful and push straight down or it may bend the frame like what happened to ours.


Below are some pictures of the PC1 and a a couple movies of the PC1 in action. In the movies of it being fired it is pressurized to 80psi.

First Time firing the PC1 (wmv)

Bullseye with PC1 (wmv)





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