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AjMt Spudshot
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About Us

This site is managed by two everyday teenagers, Mark and Me, Aaron. I manage the website and do most of the thinking when it comes to the cannons. Mark does alot of the construction. When things go wrong its Mark's turn to think. His prespective on things makes up for where my view of situations lack. When we were building the PC1 we had gotten the wrong parts from the hardware store and i saw no solution but to get the right ones. His more creative approach to the situation solved it right there, all we had to do was modify the original parts to make them fit together. Using a belt sander and the drum sanding attatchment for his drill press we modified the parts and we were good to go.

About Aaron

Age: 14
Height: 5'5"
Interests: Computer programming, video games, biking, swimming
Favorite candy: Skittles, Butter finger
AIM Screen Name: killermonkey3219

Photo coming soon

About Mark

coming soon


Mark firing the PC1

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